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ILC Damping Ring Calculations at APS

L. Emery, V. Sajaev, A. Xiao

Advanced Photon Source

3 October 2005

This document lists the calculations performed by APS and Fermilab staff on reference ILC damping rings for the ILC damping ring working group. The Working Group was divided into ten task forces, whose links can be followed in

  1. Nonlinear acceptance
  2. Vertical emittance tuning
  3. Classical instabilities
  4. Space charge effects
  5. Kicker Technology and Alternative Injection/Extraction Schemes
  6. Electron-Cloud Effects
  7. Fast-Ion Effects
  8. Initial Comparative Cost Estimates
  9. Studies of Tolerable Beam Losses
  10. Preservation of Polarization
  11. Pre-Damping Ring Studies

So far we have done calculations on the nonlinear acceptance (task force #1). The other sections are empty but listed as we may make contributions in the future in the future.

An other interesting area of research is multiple-objective optimization of the damping ring in general using genetic algorithms. This section follows the task force sections.

Louis Emery