APS Storage Ring Alignment

Advanced Photon Source

This web page contains information related to Advanced Photon Source (APS) Storage Ring (SR) alignment.

Alignment of the storage ring is important for reliable operation. Storage ring magnets are situated on 200 girders that sit on the concrete floor. Due to unavoidable ground motion, SR alignment contantly changes. Some areas of the storage ring show some motion, other areas almost do not move. SR alignment is measured regularly approximately every two years.
APS usually has three one-month long shutdowns a year. During those shutdowns, Survey and Alignment group (S&A) performs realignments of areas of most concern. The extent of realignment varies every shutdown due to other responsibilities of the S&A group. Recently, a plan was put together that guides the realignment work.
Accelerator Operation and Physics (AOP) group maintains a database of survey measurements and a tool that allows to view, process, and compare survey measurements. The tool is accessible on linux via OAGapps program ("SR Alignment Data review" item under "SR Data Review" submenu).

SR realignment plan

Chronology of the SR realignment

Vadim V. Sajaev