Source sizes calculated for normal running condition plus a calculator.

The emittance and coupling for the most common running condition (lower-emittance) are 2.5 nm-rad and 0.01, respectively. The values may vary during the run as the undulator gaps settings change, and we make more accurate determination of beam parameters at the diagnostics beamline source point.
As-measured emittance value of 2.5 nm-rad, coupling 0.01
Element Name Sigmax (um) Sigmaxp (urad) betax (m) alphax gammax (1/m) etax (m) etaxp
ID 275.3 11.3 19.5 0 0.05 0.172 0
Moved BM 91.6 56.4 2.12 0.97 0.91 0.058 -0.031
Unmoved BM 88.7 56.5 2.00 0.91 0.91 0.056 -0.032
Element Name Sigmay (um) Sigmayp (urad) betay (m) alphay gammay (1/m)
ID 8.5 3.0 2.87 0 0.35
Moved BM 25.5 1.1 25.97 0.59 0.05
Unmoved BM 25.8 1.2 26.54 0.75 0.06
(The gamma columns are not the relativistic factor but a function related to divergence of the distribution)

Moved and unmoved BM refers to BM source points in sectors that have the new "Decker" alignment and the sectors with the original alignment. All BM source points are moved except for 14BM. The ID source point parameters are unaffected by the Decker alignment. To generate beam parameters for a particular emittance and coupling condition use the following calculator.
Calculate beam parameters:
Lower emittance lattice (lattice since 2002)

We have run with a coupling of 1.5% and 2.0% in the past.