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General Features

The calculational features of the program are:
  1. treatment of general bunch distributions plus randomization,
  2. inclusion of bunch form factor, which reduces the effect of impedance on the beam,
  3. shifting of the HOM frequencies to the closest dangerous resonant frequency,
  4. sweeping of the cavity higher-order mode (HOM) frequencies,
  5. randomization of the cavity higher-order mode (HOM) frequencies for Monte Carlo simulations,
  6. staggering of the HOM frequencies,
  7. including the effect of the beta function at the RF cavities for transverse motion.
The implementation features of the program are:
  1. C language coding,
  2. input file with namelist commands,
  3. HOM input data stored in convenient SDDS-format files,
  4. output files compatible with SDDS toolkits,

These items are briefly explained below.


Randy Flood 2006-11-06