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Shower Trajectory File

This file is generated by the -trajectories option. If the name of the trajectories file is unspecified, then one is formed automatically by adding .traj to the string given by -root.

The shower file contains the $x$, $y$, $z$ coordinates and the energy of each particles produced in the shower at each tracking step. The column names are x, y, z, and Energy, respectively. The shower file may grow very large depending on the number of samples requested, the energy of the initial particle, and depending on whether the shower is fully developed.

The shower output file may be plotted directly with the sddsplot toolkit plotting program. For instance,

sddsplot -col=x,z <file> -grapic=dots
plots the $x,z$ projection of the shower trajectories in <file> as dots. Since no information on the geometry of the problem is contained in these output files it may be necessary to overlap the shower product trajectories with the outline of the regions. The outline can be generated from the geometry plot file produced by shower, as explained in the next section.

Robert Soliday 2003-10-17