4.94 SDDS Wildcard Conventions

This manual page does not describe a program, but rather a facility that is common to several programs. In particular, several SDDS programs use a common convention for wildcards in element names.

The characters *, ?, [, ], and   are used for wildcard operations.

  • * matches any zero or more characters. A sequence like *a matches zero or more characters up to the first occurence of a.
  • ? matches any one character.
  • [rangeSpec] matches any one character in rangeSpec. rangeSpec is composed on any number of explicit characters, plus character ranges specified as firstChar-lastChar, which matches any character between firstChar and lastChar inclusive in the ASCII character set. For example, [a-z] would match a lower case alphabetic character, while [a-z][A-Z][0-9] would match any alphanumeric character.
  • [ rangeSpec] matches any one character not in rangeSpec.
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