2 Credits

Contributors to elegant include M. Borland, M. Carla’, N. Carmignani, AJ Dick, Z. Duan, M. Ehrlichman, L. Emery, W. Guo, R. Lindberg, V. Sajaev, R. Soliday, Y.-P. Sun, C.-X. Wang, Y. Wang, Y. Wu, and A. Xiao. Contributors to related programs and scripts include M. Borland, R. Dejus, L. Emery, A. Petrenko, H. Shang, Y. Wang, A. Xiao, and B. Yang. R. Soliday is responsible for multi-platform builds and distribution. Of course, we also appreciate the many suggestions, comments, and bug reports from users.

If you use elegant in your research, we appreciate a citation. For elegant, the citation is

M. Borland, ”elegant: A Flexible SDDS-Compliant Code for Accelerator Simulation,” Advanced Photon Source LS-287, September 2000.

Additional contributors for the parallel version include Y. Wang and H. Shang. The additional citation for Pelegant is

Y. Wang and M. Borland, ”Pelegant: A Parallel Accelerator Simulation Code for Electron Generation and Tracking”, Proceedings of the 12th Advanced Accelerator Concepts Workshop, AIP Conf. Proc. 877, 241 (2006).

Additional contributors for the GPU version include K. Amyx, J. R. King, and I. V. Pogorelov. The additional citation for the GPU version is

I. V. Pogorelov, J. R. King, K. M. Amyx, M. Borland, and R. Soliday, “Current status of the GPU-accelerated ELEGANT,” Proceedings of 2015 International Particle Accelerator Conference, 623 (2015).