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Command line

Many options are available in the command line. To review the possible options, type ``shower'' at the shell prompt. The program returns
shower <SDDSinputfile> -geometry=<GeometryDefinitionFile> -root=<string>
 -summary[=<file>] [-defaultParticleType=<particleType>] 
 [-seedNumber=<integer>] [-samples=<integer>]
 [-trajectories[=<file>]] [-vacuumStepSize=<distance-in-cm>] [-plotGeometry[=<file>]]
 [-outOfBounds[=<file>]] [-undefinedRegion[=<file>]]
 [-useInInput=<particleType>[,...]] [-keepInOutput=<particle-type>[,...]] [-verbose]
 [-splitting] [-describeGeometryInput] [-fixLowEnergyTransport=[{0|1}]] 

SDDSinputfile         input file of initial coordinates of incident particles;
                      output files produced by previous shower runs are valid input files;
-geometry             specifies file with geometry namelist commands defining materials;
-root                 string with which to construct default filenames;
-summary              SDDS file containing summary data for each region; default name
                      is <root>.summary where <root> is the value of the -root option;
-defaultParticleType  default particle type if not defined in input beam file;
<particleType>        valid values are "electrons", "positrons", or "photons";
-seedNumber           integer to initialize the random number generator;
-samples              number of times to repeat the tracking of input file particles;
-trajectories         file for storing shower trajectories; default name 
                      is <root>.traj; 
-vacuumStepSize       maximum step size in vacuum;
-plotGeometry         SDDS file containing line segments
                      defining solid regions edges;
-outOfBounds          SDDS file containing coordinates of out-of-bounds particles;
                      default name is <root>.outOfBounds;
-undefinedRegion      SDDS file containing coordinates of particles entering
                      undefined space; default name is <root>.undefinedRegion;
-useInInput           select which particle type or types use (read) in particle
                      coordinate input file;
-keepInOutput         select which particle type or types to keep (write) in particle
                      coordinate output files;
-splitting            enables splitting of particle for improved statistics
                      as defined in the geometry definitions;
-describeGeometryInput prints out the namelist commands for the geometry input file
-fixLowEnergyTransport flag for enabling(1)/disabling(0) the maximum limit on the fractional
                      energy loss per step defined for each material in the geometry
                      input file. The default value is 1
-verbose              spews verbiage
where square brackets enclose optional parameters.

Robert Soliday 2003-10-17