13.8 Highlights of What’s New in Version 2021.2

Here is a summary of what’s changed since release 2021.1. Historical change logs are collected in Section 13.

13.8.1 Bug Fixes for Elements

13.8.2 Bug Fixes for Commands

13.8.3 New and Modified Elements

13.8.4 New and Modified Commands

13.8.5 Changes Specific to the MPI Parallel Version

13.8.6 Changes Specific to the GPU Version

The GPU version continues to be an alpha release and contains bugs. Users are encouraged to check results against the serial or parallel versions and report issues to the developers.

13.8.7 Changes to Related Programs and Files

The elegant distribution includes many programs and scripts that perform computations with elegant output data, provide interfaces with other programs, or prepare data for use with elegant. These are listed in Section 8.

Changes to these tools in this release include