8 Specialized Tools for Use with elegant

A number of specialized programs are available that work with elegant. Most are SDDS-compliant, so they will also work with any program that reads or writes appropriate SDDS data. The following is a brief description of each program. Full descriptions for many programs are available on subsequent pages. Most programs will return a help message if the program name is given with no arguments, which should be sufficient documentation and may be more up-to-date than these manual pages.


 8.1 abrat
 8.2 astra2elegant
 8.3 computeCBGGE
 8.4 computeRBGGE
 8.5 coreEmittance
 8.6 csrImpedance
 8.7 doubleDist6
 8.8 haissinski
 8.9 ibsEmittance
 8.10 ionTrapping
 8.11 elegantto
 8.12 sddsanalyzebeam
 8.13 sddsbrightness
 8.14 sddsbunchingfactor
 8.15 sddsemitproc
 8.16 sddsfindresonances
 8.17 sddsfluxcurve
 8.18 sddsmatchtwiss
 8.19 sddsrandmult
 8.20 sddsurgent
 8.21 smoothDist6
 8.22 TFBFirSetup
 8.23 touschekLifetime
 8.24 view3dGeometry