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  • SDDS tools - hypertext - postscript - PDF - downloadable version for windows

    The Self Describing Data Sets (SDDS) file protocol is the basis for a powerful and expanding toolkit of generic programs. These programs are used for simulation postprocessing, graphics, data preparation, program interfacing, and experimental data analysis.

    This document describes the SDDS commandline toolkit. Those wishing to write programs using SDDS should consult the Application Programmer's Guide for SDDS Version 1.5. The first section of the present document is shared with this reference.

    An easy introduction to SDDS is available in "Getting Started with SDDS," available as HTML, PDF, or postscript. You can also download sample data so you can work along with the examples in this document.

  • SDDS Compliant EPICS tools - hypertext - postscript - PDF

    The SDDS-compliant EPICS toolkit is a set of software applications for the collection or writing of data in Experimental Physics and Industrial Control System (EPICS) database records. Though most of the applications essentially do rather simple operations, the combination of these and others from the SDDS postprocessing toolkit allow arbitrarily complicated analysis of data and control of the accelerators at the Advanced Photon Source. These tools are general and can be applied to devices other than accelerators under control of EPICS.

  • Latest elegant Manual Version - hypertext - postscript - PDF

    This document is the user's manual for the latest version of elegant, a 6-D accelerator simulation code that does tracking with matrices or using sympletic elements, optimization, synchrotron radiation, scattering, etc. elegant is SDDS-complaint. An APS Light-Source Note describing elegant is also available.

    A set of example files and scripts is available from the software download page. Another source of information and help is the on-line forum.

    Another useful link to is the ASTeC collaboration portal, which has some mathematica-based tools for working with SDDS files.

  • Pelegant Manual Version 24.0.1 - hypertext - PDF

    This document describes how to build Pelegant, run the code and optimize the performance. Appendices are included describing which elements have been parallelized and which commands have been used in the regression tests. The user should be familiar with the "User's Manual for elegant" before reading this document.

    A paper (to appear in the proceedings of AAC06) describing more technical detail is available PDF

  • Short Introduction to SDDS (Talk given April 13, 1998). - hypertext - postscript - PDF

    This is a brief introduction to SDDS at a very basic level. It discusses the philosophy behind SDDS, contrasts it with conventional systems, and discusses how we use SDDS at APS.

  • SDDS Application Programmer's Guide Version 1.5 - hypertext - postscript - PDF

    This document is a programmer's guide to the SDDS subroutine library.

  • APS SDDS Tcl/Tk Extension - hypertext - postscript

    A Tcl/Tk extension library for reading/writing SDDS files. These commands are currently built into the oagwish interpreter.

  • APS CA Tcl/Tk Extension - hypertext

    A Tcl/Tk extension library for EPICS functions. These commands are currently built into the oagwish interpreter.

  • APS Tcl/Tk Library and Interpreter Extensions - hypertext - postscript

    This library is a collection of Tcl and Tk procedures designed to simplify the coding of Tcl/Tk applications with a consistent look and feel. Library is accessed via Tcl auto_load feature.

  • PEM - Procedure Execution Manager - hypertext - postscript

    This package provides a convenient interface for invoking and monitoring machine procedures, as well as all supporting scripts and tcl library code for creating machine procedures. Machine procedures provide a means to code commonly used operations and commissioning sequences into modular procedures which may be accessed in several different ways.

  • APS runControl Library - hypertext - postscript - PDF

    This C code library is designed to be used by closed-loop EPICS control applications which are generally run in the background on workstations.

  • APS logDaemon and Client Library - hypertext - postscript - PDF

    This server and client library provides a general, distributed message logging service.

  • spiffe Manual Version 4.8 - hypertext - postscript - PDF

    This document is the user's manual for version 4.5.2 of spiffe, a fully-electromagnetic 2-1/2 dimensional particle-in-cell code for simulation of rf guns and similar systems with cylindrical symmetry. spiffe is SDDS-compliant.

  • Array Display Tool (ADT) - hypertext - postscript

    ADT is a Motif program used to display arrays of process variables from the Advanced Photon Source control system.

  • shower Manual Version 1.0 - hypertext - postscript - PDF

    This document is the user's manual for version 1.0 of shower, an interface to EGS4, an electromagnetic shower simulation code. shower is SDDS-compliant.

  • clinchor Manual Version 2.0 - hypertext - PDF

    This document is the user's manual for version 2.0 of clinchor, a program to calculate growth rates of multi-bunch beam modes. clinchor is SDDS-compliant.

  • CVS Documentation - hypertext

    This document contains basic instructions on how to use CVS

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