Advanced Photon Source

An Office of Science National User Facility

Accelerator Operations & Physics Presentations

  • Concepts and performance for a next-generation storage ring hard x-ray source Michael Borland (October 1, 2009) at SRI09 PDF

  • Accelerator Options for the APS Renewal Michael Borland, Glenn Decker, Roger Dejus, Katherine Harkay, Elizabeth Moog, Alireza Nassiri at SAC PDF

  • ERL Staging: A Gradual Approach to an ERL Upgrade of the APS Katherine Harkay & Yong-Chul Chae talk presented at ERL09 (June 8-12, 2009) PDF

  • Ultra-Bright Photocathode Physics Study and Design Katherine Harkay talk presented at ERL09 (June 8-12, 2009) PDF

  • Possible Upgrade of the Advanced Photon Source with an Energy Recovery Linac Michael Borland, Glenn Decker, Xiaowei Dong, Louis Emery, Alireza Nassiri (May 4, 2009) at PAC09 PDF

  • Comments on the CesrTA Experimental Program, Katherine Harkay (November 17, 2008) A talk presented at ILC08 PDF

  • Ultimate Storage Ring Light Sources, Michael Borland (January 29, 2008) A talk presented at the LSU Grand Challenge Workshop PDF

  • Impedance and Instabilities at the Advanced Photon Source
    K. Harkay Presentation at ILCDR06 Workshop (September 2006, Ithaca) PDF

  • X-ray Slicing and Compression Using Deflecting Cavities at the Advanced Photon Source: A Feasibility Study
    V. Sajaev 20th Russian PAC (September 2006, Novosibirsk, Russia) PDF

  • Determination of Precise Model of a Storage Ring Using Response Matrix Fit: Application to Advanced Photon Source and Tevatron
    V. Sajaev 20th Russian PAC (September 2006, Novosibirsk, Russia) PDF

  • WG5 Summary
    J. W. Lewellen Advanced Accelerator Concepts Workshop (July 2006, Lake Geneva) PDF

  • Observation and Modeling of Electron Cloud Instabilities
    K. Harkay European Particle Accelerator Conference (June 2006, Edinburg) PDF (corresponding article)

  • WG1: Storage Ring Radiation Sources
    K. Harkay, A. Ropert (ESRF) Presentation at Future Light Sources Workshop (May 2006, Hamburg) (corresponding article)

  • Introduction to elegant, Michael Borland (August 18, 2006) PDF

  • Summary of ILC DR Baseline Configuration, Aimin Xiao (January 12, 2006) PDF

  • Accelerator Physics Possibilities for Enhanced Time-Resolved Imaging at APS, Michael Borland (January 26, 2005), Presented at the Cross Cut Review on Science Requiring the Pulsed Structure of the X-ray Beam - PDF

  • Short Pulse Generation Through Beam Manipulation
    K. Harkay, W. Guo A presentation at the SBSR05, Frascati, Italy (November, 2005) PDF

  • Effect of Impedance in Short Pulse Generation Using Crab Cavities
    K. Harkay, W. Guo A presentation at the SBSR05, Frascati, Italy (November, 2005)PDF

  • Containing a blow-up of vertical emittance in the RF deflection scheme for a generation of sub-picosecond X-ray pulses
    Vadim Sajaev A presentation at the SBSR05, Frascati, Italy (November, 2005) PDF

  • RF and X-ray Optics Issues in Generating Ultra-Short Pulse at APS with Deflecting Cavities
    Kathy Harkay Presentation at the Diamond Light Source, England (September 16, 2005) PDF

  • Calculation of X-ray Parameters
    Vadim Sajaev and Michael Borland Presentation at Cornell-APS ERL meeting (July, 2005) PDF

  • Sextupole Optimization for Deflecting Cavity SchemeVadim Sajaev Mini-workshop on X-ray pulse compression (May 6, 2005) PDF

  • High Performance Computing in Accelerator Physics
    Yong-Chul Chae CARA Parallel Computing Meeting (June 8, 2005) PDF
  • Introduction to Acceelerator Simulation with elegant and SDDS, M. Borland. Presented at Brookhaven National Laboratory, March 29, 2004. PDF

  • Accelerator Operations & Physics Software for EPICS Environments, M. Borland. Presented at the XOR-CIG Meeting, March 18, 2004. PDF

  • Longitudinal Space Charge Instability Simulations with elegant, M. Borland, APS. Presented at the DUV FEL Workshop, Brookhaven National Laboratory. PDF

  • Preliminary Measurements of Trajectory Effects at LEUTL
    Yong-Chul Chae Presentation at Midwest Accelerator Physics Collaboration (March 2004, IU) PDF

  • Analyzing the dispersion motion with Independent Component Analysis
    Weiming Guo Presentation at Midwest Accelerator Physics Collaboration (March 2004, IU) PDF

  • Electron Cloud Observations: a Restrospective
    Kathy Harkay Presentation at ECLOUD04 workshop (April 2004) PDF

  • Impedance Database and Its Applicatin to the APS Storage Ring
    Yong-Chul Chae Presentation for NSLS-II Design Group (April 2004) PDF

  • Measurement of Bunch Length Using Spectral Analysis of Incoherent Fluctuations
    Vadim Sajaev Presentation at Beam Instrumentation Workshop 2004 (May 2004) PDF

  • Optical properties of the output of the high-gain, self-amplified free-electron laser
    Yuelin Li Presentation at Conference on Laser and Electronic Optics (May 2004) PPT

  • Interesting problems that we can't do yet...
    John W. Lewellen Presentation at the 11th Advanced Accelerator Concepts Workshop (June 2004, Stony Brook U., NY) PDF

  • High-brightness injector modeling
    John W. Lewellen Presentation at the 11th Advanced Accelerator Concepts Workshop (June 2004, Stony Brook U., NY) PDF(corresponding article)

  • High-Brightness Electron Guns for Linac-Based Light Sources
    John Lewellen Presentation at SPIE 2004 PDF

  • Measurement of Incoherent Radiation Fluctuations and Bunch Profile Recovery
    Vadim Sajaev Presentation at XFEL 2004 Workshop (July 2004) PDF

  • Overview of High-Brightness Electron Guns
    John Lewellen Presentation at LINAC 2004 (August 2004) PDF(corresponding article)

  • An Experimental Study of the Beam-Steering Effect on the FEL Gain at LEUTL's Segmented Undulators
    Yong-Chul Chae Presentation at FEL2004 (August-September 2004) PDF (corresponding article)

  • Directions for Electron Beam Injector Development
    John Lewellen Presentation at NIU phys. dept. colloquim (September 3, 2004) PDF

  • Dynamic Aperture at APS
    Vadim Sajaev and Louis Emery Presentation at SPEAR-3 seminar (October 14, 2004) PDF

  • Advanced Optics Measurements at TEVATRON
    Vadim Sajaev and V. Lebedev, V. Nagaslaev, A. Valishev (FNAL) Presentation at Run-II meeting at FermiLab (October, 2004) PDF

  • PAR Kicker Upgrade and PAR Retirement Considerations Nick Sereno, APS. PDF

  • Injector Requirements for APS Operations Nick Sereno, APS. PDF

  • Accelerator Physics Group Activities at the APS
    Kathy Harkay Presentation at Advanced Light Source, Berkeley (January 2003) PDF

  • Beam Physics at the Advanced Photon Source, Accelerator Physics Group
    Kathy Harkay Presentation at CASA seminar, JLab (January 2003) PDF

  • Possibility of bright, polarized high energy photon sources at the Advanced Photon Source
    Yuelin Li Presentation at Workshop on New Aspects of Quark Nuclear Physics with Polarized Photons (February 2003) PDF

  • Transverse Impedance Distribution Measurements Using the Response Matrix Fit at APS
    Vadim Sajaev Presentation at PAC 2003 (May 2003) PDF

  • Impedance Database and Application at APS
    Yong-Chul Chae Presentation at Midwest Accelerator Physics Collaboration (June 2003, APS) PDF

  • Design Considerations for Linac FEL Drivers Michael Borland, APS. A talk delivered at MIT's Bates Laboratory, providing an introduction to the physics that must be incorporated into a linac design for an FEL-driver. PDF. I also suggest that interested readers consult P. Emma's contribution to the 17th Advanced Beam Dynamics Workshop on Future Light Sources, as well as Chapter 7 of the LCLS CDR, which were valuable source material for my own presentation.

  • Start-to-End Simulation of Beam Dynamics in SASE FELs Michael Borland, APS. A talk delivered at the 24th Advanced Beam Dynamics Workshop on Future Light Sources, SPring-8, Japan, with an emphasis on the CSR instability and what has been learned from LCLS simulations. HTML PDF

  • Recent and Planned Improvements to APS Storage Ring Operation. Michael Borland, APS. A talk delivered at the 11th Advanced Photon Source User's Meeting, held at ANL on October 10, 2001. The talk discusses top-up, low-emittance operation, beam stability, and other topics. PDF .

  • Measurements and Simulations of CSR Effects in the APS Bunch Compressor Michael Borland, APS. A talk delivered at Jefferson Laboratory on June 1, 2001, discussing simualtion techniques, somewhat preliminary experiments, and comparison of the two. - PDF

  • Update on Start-to-End Simulations of the LCLS Michael Borland, APS. A talk delivered at the January 2001 Techinical Advisory Committee meeting for the Linac Coherent Light Source. - PDF

  • elegant: A Flexible, SDDS-Compliant Code for Accelerator Simulation Michael Borland, APS. A talk delivered at the 6th International Computational Accelerator Physics Conference, September 11, 2000. - PDF

  • LCLS Stability Studies May 19, 2000, Michael Borland, APS. - PDF A talk delivered to Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) for the LCLS.

  • Using elegant, SDDS, and DQS for High-Productivity Accelerator Design and Simulation April 21, 2000, Michael Borland, APS. - PDF A talk delivered to the Theory Club at SLAC. Discusses how elegant, SDDS, and DQS can be used to run and process 100's or 1000's of simulations in a short time, resulting in higher productivity. Several real-world examples are given with estimates of the time saved using our methods.

  • SDDS: A Modular Toolkit for Accelerator Simulation, Control, and Operation October 21, 1999, Michael Borland, APS. - PDF A talk delivered at the SNS Database and Applications Workshop. The emphasis is on using SDDS to do experiments and analyze data. Contains several detailed examples.

  • Progress towards Top-Up Mode Operations at the Advanced Photon Source October 13, 1999, Louis Emery and Michael Borland, APS. - Paper - Talk An invited paper delivered at the Synchrotron Radiation Instrumentation Conference held at SLAC Oct. 13-15, 1999.

  • Proposal for a PV Database for High-Level Applications August 4, 1999, Michael Borland, APS. - hypertext - PDF A short talk proposing a PV database for use in developing high-level applications. The database would support a device-oriented approach and allow autoconfiguring of scripts, data loggers, and other applications.

  • Evaluation and Optimization of Bunch Compressor for APS LEUTL Talk given to APS/SLAC/LANL video conference, July 1, 1999, by Michael Borland, APS. - hypertext Gives results and discussion of simulation of coherent synchrotron radiation in proposed bunch compressors for the APS LEUTL.

  • High-Performance Computing in the Accelerator Systems Division at APS (Slides prepared March 5, 1999.) - hypertext - PDF An overview of high-performance computing activities at APS. Briefly describes our use of DQS, scripts, and SDDS for concurrent computing on a cluster of workstations.

  • Short Introduction to SDDS (Talk given April 13, 1998). - hypertext - postscript This is a brief introduction to SDDS at a very basic level. It discusses the philosophy behind SDDS, contrasts it with conventional systems, and discusses how we use SDDS at APS.

  • A Universal Postprocessing Toolkit for Accelerator Simulation and Analysis - PDF This talk was presented at the 1998 International Computational Accelerator Physics Conference. It discusses how SDDS makes complex simulation work easier. The document has some complex graphs and may take a while to load. License Agreement modified 3/18/2004 by